Instagram-Worthy Locations to Click Picture While on Your Jaipur Tour

Instagram-Worthy Locations to Click Picture While on Your Jaipur Tour

India’s Jaipur is referred to as “The Pink City.” Why, though, is it so pink? Answer: When the Prince of Wales and Queen Victoria announced their visit in 1876, Maharaja Ram Singh, the ruler of Jaipur, ordered that the city’s now-famous reddish-pink color be applied. This is due to the notion that pink symbolizes welcome. It’s challenging to not feel at home in such a stunning, energetic city! You won’t be dissatisfied if you come here to experience the local culture, shop, go with a Jaipur Sightseeing Tour Package, and, of course, take amazing pictures. These are some of Jaipur’s most picturesque locations.

Locations to Click Picture While on Your Jaipur Tour

India’s most stunning city, Jaipur, is well known for its forts and regional handicrafts. It’s also one of the primary locations within the Golden Triangle India Tour Package. Because it includes the authentic Indian culture and includes Jaipur as a second destination, this package is typically chosen by foreign tourists. These packages essentially encompass sightseeing in three separate cities: Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra.

Jaipur Sightseeing Tour Picture Stops!

City Palace

One must see the City Palace in Jaipur without a doubt! Although the palace’s entrance and courtyard are pink, I thought the blue room to be the most impressive. Due to its open-air balcony and windows, as well as the fact that the room is decorated in cool colors, you can’t help but feel relaxed. This is where the royals used to spend their summers. You receive a free guide when you purchase your entry ticket (2,500 RS, or about $40 USD), which leads you through the entire palace’s hidden chambers.

After that, you can relax in the enclosed courtyard with a free tea or coffee and some delectable butter biscuits. The royals would hold dances and rituals in the garden area as well. On one side, elaborate peacock feather drawings and summery colors are used in the design. The other displays more somber wintery hues and patterns. To avoid crowds, try to arrive earlier in the morning.

Hawa Mahal

In the heart of Jaipur’s downtown stands the Hawa Mahal Palace. This facade is actually the back of the Hawar Mahal Palace, despite the fact that it confronts a busy street. It contains 953 latticework windows that were initially designed for ladies to covertly peek out into the main street. There are numerous shops where you may purchase silver, gold, and gemstone jewelry on the main avenue where this facade is situated. You can either purchase a ticket for entrance to the entire palace or simply stop by this photo location by walking by.

Jawahar Circle Garden and Park

Did you realize that this stunning, rainbow archway, which you may have seen in pictures on Instagram, is a part of a park and traffic circle? It is the largest circular park in Asia, according to the locals. After taking your rainbow picture, you can take a quick 20-minute tour around the little park. If you’re traveling within India, it’s ideal to stop at Jawahar Circle Garden on the way to or from the airport. It’s located on the route to Jaipur.

Amber Fort

The most well-known fort outside of Jaipur City is Amber Fort. The fort, which is composed of red sandstone, and white marble, and has expansive vistas of the Alps, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Beautiful columns and engraved decorations may be found inside the building. A tour guide or audio guide is very worthwhile because each building has a distinctive history. The best time to visit is in the late afternoon or immediately before sunset since the lighting will be stronger and more dramatic. Get lost climbing the stairs to locate areas hidden from the view of the majority of tourists. Stay for the nightly light show at 6:30 p.m. if you’re feeling up to it.

Stepwell – Panna Meena Ka Kund

Combine Stepwell with your visit to Amber Fort. Going the short distance, which is only a four-minute ride from Amber Fort, is totally worthwhile. Ask the driver of a Cab from Four Wheel Drive India if he can wait for you if you can. Otherwise, taking a tuk-tuk will cost you more than twice as much. Make careful to haggle the price down by half if you have to pay the Stepwell guard 50–100Rs to descend the well’s steps so you may take pictures.

Samode Haveli

If staying at the Samode Haveli hotel is out of your price range, at least drop by for lunch or a drink. It is a breathtaking location that was formerly a typical Indian home. Every area of the property is covered in lush vegetation and beautiful flowers, making it the perfect place to spend a peaceful afternoon. Pick a seat close to the entrance, where there are blue velvet sofas, silk magenta curtains, and a fountain in the shape of a flower. You can also choose to eat in the hotel’s restaurant, which is located near the pool. The restaurant offers a very elegant dining area with outside seats, but the lighting can be somewhat dim throughout the day. You can also try to take pictures near the pool, but they might not let you because it’s solely for visitors and locals to use. But it can’t hurt to inquire!

Bar Palladio

Inside the Narain Niwas Palace Hotel, there is a restaurant and lounge called Bar Palladio. Also, which draws inspiration from Mughal and Italian art and culture. The inside is decorated with vivid shades of cobalt and turquoise blue that are different from the ones found in City Palace’s summer room. You should visit there for supper or happy hour. If you want a better seat and better lighting. Also, it could be best to arrive earlier rather than later because the establishment opens at 6 o’clock.

Wrapping Up!

What sort of locations do you seek out when taking pictures in a city? Is it people, local landmarks, or architecture? Maybe it’s a mix of all of them. Any city’s exploration includes simply strolling about and looking for fascinating places. The major tourist area of Jaipur resembles a huge bazaar with vendors selling street food, Chai that has just been brewed, jewelry, fabrics, shoes, and other things. There, life is noisy, raucous, and very colorful. You’ll want to return time and time again because of the fantastic photography opportunities. As well as the welcoming locals and amazing culture. I sincerely hope you enjoy discovering and documenting this friendly city as much as I did!

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