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Do you wish to develop a web or mobile application? Among the different emerging technology, Angular JS has become popular. Many suggestions would have come your way. Each technology has specific pros and cons. Hence, it may fit well for certain applications. After thorough research, experiment, and explorations, you will find the perfect development tools and techniques to get the desired results.

If you are thinking about Angular JS development, get help. It is better to access the assistance of a reputed AngularJS Mobile App Development Services with the experience to offer solutions to meet your demands.

About Angular JS

Before going into the pros and cons related to using Angular JS development, you need to know more about the technology. Angular has emerged as the popular option to simplify web and mobile application development. It has met the demands of developers looking to build websites and web applications alike. Angular JS is a client-side programming language combining HTML and CSS. The dynamic programming language can enhance web functionality. Also, it has a framework stretching the syntax of the HTML to ensure the precise expression of your app components.

While Angular JS operates like a JavaScript framework, you must never confuse it with jQuery, the JavaScript library. Both of them differ from each other. AngularJS works similar to platforms such as Aurelia, Polymer, and React. Google, the tech giant company introduced this open framework in the year 2010. Since then, it has received several facelifts and upgrades to ensure it keeps up with the highly demanding and dynamic web development industry.

From beginners to experienced developers can use AngularJS to ensure they can create dynamic web applications. But, it had not received a favourable response from the developers. Wondering why? It is because the new versions released failed to remain back-version compatible. It has always confused novice developers. This also led to the spread of different Angular migration myths. Today, AngularJS has received good popularity and ranks second in the list of the most used technology by the developer. If you wish to develop functional websites or applications, get the AngularJS Mobile App Development Services from the experts who remain abreast with the latest developments to offer an ideal solution.

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Using AngularJS for Applications

Every new technology has certain features that make it perfect for developing specific applications. AngularJS also is ideal for developing functional design-based applications. It creates a simplified experience by providing major functionalities. So, front-end developers can use it to offer the best experience to the user. It is beneficial in several instances.

Some of them include the following:

1. For designing a PWA (Progressive Web Application).

2. You wish to create a large-scale or large enterprise website involving a highly complex web infrastructure.

3. If you wish to develop any web-based application relying on dynamic content.

4. For upgrading any outdated website app designs.

5. If you wish to enhance the user experience of the customers using a large website by undertaking a major redesign.

As you look at the examples, it becomes clear that AngularJS works well for projects having a large-scale nature. Google developed it to complete projects of certain complexity levels. Hence, professional developers use this open-source framework for creating web-based applications with the capability to perform diverse functions. Web developers need high skill levels, experience, and knowledge in writing codes and crafting dynamic content. Netflix and YouTube TV are the two most famous examples of applications using this particular framework. Due to the high skill levels needed to use this code for developing an application, better opt for reputed AngularJS mobile App Development Services meeting high standards. Else, you have to wait for at least a couple of years to gain the necessary experience to develop such complex applications.

Pros Of Choosing AngularJS Development

Several features make AngularJS the best option for web-based applications. The pros include the following:

Data Link Using Two Methods

When a skilled developer chooses AngularJS, data-bound becomes uncomplicated. It is because AngularJS can create templates swiftly without any delay. While replacing anything in the process, it reflects in the model immediately. This becomes possible due to its framework having an MVC (Model View Controller) base. It makes it easier to change versions with ease.

DOM Manipulations

DOM manipulation is one of the best features of AngularJS. It offers a rational composition of documents. You also gain access to these documents. DOM also defines the methods along with the properties as objects of the elements present in HTML. In AngularJS, DOM acts as a programming interface or API for JavaScript. Skilled developers can easily manage it using the data link available in two ways. It helps save a part of the time because they execute two main functions. It is used for updating and translation of elements used in the DOM construction.

Simple HTML Templates

Unexpectedly, Angular uses simple HTML templates, which are transmitted to the compiler as structural elements of the DOM, instead of using it as terms. It makes the process of work more convenient and better. DOM also allows you to manipulate and reuse previously created templates.

Architecture MVVM

AngularJS has a unique Model View Model (MVM) and Model View Controller (MVM). They act as the backbone when you choose AngularJS for executing applications. It offers convenience as they can oversee difficult programs with ease. It is because they have a separate design.

Using Directives

The directive provides the functional part of the web/mobile application. Using AngularJS allows any developer to sort the HTML pages. It allows the arranging of the HTML pages in flawless order. Using the right combination of certain functions along with their reuse, AngularJS mobile app Development Company can create independent codes. A deviser can develop unique directives using the AngularJS framework with a set of predefined directives.

Testable Products

Simple to test programs are easy to develop using the AngularJS framework. It is one of the coolest features that set AngularJS apart from others. Developers can make use of the add dependencies feature available to isolate and model different components present.

Create single page website:

It allows developer to create one page website without any section. The related page section can be updated without reloading the entire thing. It just requires updating through database. This is how website size can be reduced and client-side performance can be improved. Use of HTML syntax is allowed with this framework so programmers can reuse code while they are in development process. There is no requirement or minimal efforts are required for rewriting blocks of code for new app development.

Easy to work with:

Project can be further divided into many modules and many developers can work on the same project at the same time without any issue. Application built with this framework supports fluidic animations and run-on mobile browser too. We can say, this is a framework that allows you to get same output or create same application in less amount of time and coding. This has many benefits over other conventional language and that is the need of today’s world.

Great support:

This framework is backed up and supported by Google, so many resources are available to help programmers and provide required tips and knowledge to use it effectively in development process. Any sort of application can by created by using this framework as it has evolved to robust platform.  This is maintained and developed by Google, so it is easy to get help and ample support to resolve any issue with the help of experts or community. On GitHub, you can find thousands of contributors to get help.

Enhances user experience:

It updates frequently after a fixed time period to boost user experience and this is quite important as this is all about offering a pleasant experience to the target audience and users. What else do you need?

Cost effective:

Yes, there are so many benefits of using this framework and apart from these pros, this platform is efficient, cost effective and developer friendly. These are the awesome perks of choosing it for development process.

These are the main reasons why top companies opt for AngularJS for developing their complex projects or apps.

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Why you should choose a professional and experienced web development company?

With experience, developers can overcome any misunderstandings and confusion. An experienced developer has the skill to fine-tune the application’s performance. They can also redesign the existing web application design for a better user experience. AngularJS can offer more content while reducing the code. It allows freeing of useful resources that you can spend elsewhere for better use. Choose the best AngularJs development services to navigate through the next complex web application projects like a cheesecake


In short, AngularJS may serve as the best technology for developing web and mobile-based applications when experienced and skilled developers use it. It becomes easier to overcome any shortcomings mentioned with the high skill levels of the developers. So, it is better to access the services of the web development company with a team of experts having deeper Angular knowledge.

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