How Does A Water Activated Tape Dispenser Work?

Water Activated Tape Dispenser

If you are working in the packaging industry, you might be familiar with the use of water-activated tape dispensers. If not, there is nothing to worry about.

Being equipped with modern technology, water-activated tape dispensers have become an integral part of the packaging industry.  Whether you have to pack small products or large equipment, you should have these tape dispensers in your hand.

However, what these tape dispensers do and why you should use them is important to know. This article will show you how to use them and why they are important.

The Importance of Water Activated Tape Dispensers

In shipping and packing processes, these tape dispensers are widely used. This is to secure the product and make them safe to deliver to the customers. Another type of dispenser is the pressure-sensitive tape dispenser which is made of plastic.

Water-activated tape dispensers are preferred in the market due to their strong composition, and potential productivity. You can easily use them in different packing stations as they increase the efficiency of all machining operations.

Following are some of the important features of this adhesive paper-based tape dispenser:

  • They are designed to adhere to the corrugated boxes
  • You can easily activate them by applying moisture or water to the bottom
  • They are made with strong synthetic fibers
  • Due to their adhesive nature, these tape dispensers create a strong bond with your packaging product
  • They are 10 times stronger than the plastic packaging tape
  • These tape dispensers have the capacity to hold more than 30kgs per product
  • They are perfect to use for closing and sealing boxes

With all these important points, a water-activated tape dispenser has a definite position in the packaging industry. To know more about its efficiency and adhesion, let’s look at its working principle below.

The Working Principle of Water-Activated Tape Dispenser

Being available in reinforced and non-reinforced varieties, the water-activated tape dispenser is a highly strengthened tape material. Its strength can be estimated from the point that it is made with fiberglass or polyester fiber.

In addition, the tape closure is perfect for closed boxes and packing the products so they can be shipped safely. The following four main components are involved in its working principle:

1- Paper

One of the most crucial and highly valuable components of the water-activated tape dispenser is the paper it is made of. To make sure your tape dispenser works efficiently and produces 100% results, you should choose a suitable paper.

The paper should have the following three properties:

  1. It should be recyclable
  2. It should be biodegradable
  • It should be repulpable

2- Starch Based Adhesive

For joining papers and cardboard, adhesive materials are commonly used. One of the widely used adhesive materials in the packaging industry is cornstarch-based adhesive. It is exclusively water-based and is used for packaging the products securely.

In general, they are also known as paper binders and are perfect for adhesion purposes. Being derived from plants and other starch materials, they are used in different packaging works and also act as cold-press adhesives.

3- Laminate Adhesive

Another popular adhesive material is laminate adhesive. It is a petrochemical material and has high composite strength to bind the papers effectively. These are thinly layered and are applied to the paper to make a strong connection throughout.

Some of the common chemicals used in laminate adhesives are:

  • Polybutadiene
  • Polyester
  • Vinyl ester
  • Polysulfide
  • Polyurethane (PUR)
  • Water-based resins
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

4- Fibreglass

Unlike other components of a water-activated tape dispenser, fiberglass is not biodegradable and recyclable. It is lightweight and highly brittle to be used in the packaging industry.

The best thing about fiberglass is to help the tape to stick to the products and can even mold the complex shapes accordingly. In this way, you get the best tape dispenser that not only delivers excellent results but also keeps your products safe.

Applications of Water-Activated Tape Dispenser

As you are familiar with the working components of a water-activated tape dispenser, you should know where it is being used. The most common use of this tape dispenser is in eCommerce and following paper packaging corporations.

The reason why these companies trust this dispenser lies in its ultimate benefits which are described below:

●   Safety

The most crucial benefit of using these water tape dispensers is the security they provide to the products. Today, all kinds of items are packed and sealed before delivering to the stores and customers. Therefore, using a highly secure tape dispenser gets you free from all kinds of shipping worries.

●   Value

The success of every business and company lies in the value it provides to its customers. By using a water-activated tape dispenser, you increase your brand value and build your customer’s trust. As water tape dispensers are highly efficient and secure so most companies trust and use them for their products.

●   Environmentally Responsible

In the paper-making industry, a tape that is highly sustainable, and secure is preferred the most. For this, the water-activated tape dispenser is the best option. Moreover, the water-activated tape is an environmentally stable product and is highly responsible in terms of protection and security.

●   User-friendly

The water-activated tape dispenser is highly user-friendly in terms of working and delivering the products. Compared to other tape dispensers, the water tape dispenser has more advanced automatic functions. Not only this but the adhesive capacity of this tape dispenser is stronger than any other dispenser on the market.

Moreover, you can also control the packaging process with the help of a manual water tape dispenser that contains different buttons. Hence, with the help of the latest technologies, you can easily pack your products and manage all of the applications.


A water-activated tape dispenser is undoubtedly one of the best things you should have to pack your products safely and securely. Unlike other traditional tape dispensers, you should select the one that perfectly fits your needs. Hence, you should choose the best tape dispenser when using it for your products and daily business needs.







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