14 Best Vegetarian Dishes in China You Should Try

Numbing Spicy Fragrant Pot

While China is known for being a meat-eater’s country but this isn’t the whole truth. In reality, most dishes contain plenty of vegetables and only small pieces of meat. Vegetables are a crucial ingredient in preparing a diverse and nutritious meal within China it is numerous dishes that solely use vegetables. You can generate Chinese names using the Chinese name generator.

Below are the top ten vegan meals that you must explore.

1. Three Treasures of the Earth

This is a classic family-style meal, and since it’s incredibly hearty, it’s suitable for winter.

The three treasures of the three are eggplant, potato, and pepper (capsicum). The three are the first flash cooked one at a time before being put in the pan for frying together with ginger, garlic, and sugar. The result is melt-in-your-mouth potatoes and eggplants with nutty peppers covered in a rich and somewhat sticky, sauce.

2. Numbing Spicy Fragrant Pot

This spicy dish comes that comes from Sichuan province with a lot of taste and punch. When you order, you select the various ingredients that go into the pot, so you can add seafood and meat as you wish and also make it vegetarian by merely choosing tofu or other vegetables, as well as things like Sweet potato noodles. After you’ve chosen your ingredients, all of them are cooked with chili, spices, onions, and black beans, and served to you in a large bowl.

The best ingredients include lotus roots, potatoes broccoli, all kinds of cauliflower, tofu as well as all types of mushrooms, as well as the crunch Chinese celtuce, a vegetable that is popular in China.

3. Braised Japanese Tofu

There are numerous delicious dishes made of tofu in China but this is only one. Tofu is served as smooth disks or balls. It is firm on the outside, but soft and soft inside. It is braised in a mildly sweet sauce made with garlic and ginger. A word of caution though you should be aware that it can challenge your chopsticks! It is important to take the tofu very gently, otherwise, it will fall into pieces, and in this case, you may have to request an additional spoon!

4. Chinese Salads / Cold Dishes

Chinese people often choose an ice-cold vegetable dish or two to accompany their meals. The most popular dish is likely Smashed cucumber, which is basically cucumber mixed with vinegar, garlic oil, and maybe chili. Another popular one is spinach and peanuts, where the spinach is blanched before being blended with peanuts and vinegar. There are numerous other salads, so ask your guide for suggestions.

5. Grandmother’s Potato

This is a popular dish that comes from the Yunnan province in southwest China. It’s a simple, yet delicious dish simple mashed potatoes, then fried with chili, oil and. It’s mildly spicy and is perfect for everyone’s taste buds. There are also vegetarian dishes that you can enjoy from Yunnan like mint salad egg friend and jasmine flowers.

6. Hand-torn Cabbage

This is only one of the many vegetarian dishes that celebrate a single vegetable. The cabbage is cut into pieces and then fried with a little seasoning, however, the cabbage retains some of its crunchiness which is the appeal of this recipe.

Other distinctive vegetable dishes are broccoli stir-fried in garlic with shredded potatoes cooked with vinegar, and braised eggplant (ask for no meat, as the dish typically has minced pork).

7. Hot and spicy soup

Similar to the spicy and hot pot dish, but with soup and your own personal bowl. The dish comes originated from Sichuan but is popular throughout China You can even find it at 7-11s. Ingredients are cooked separately or mixed in a mildly spicy soup. It’s similar to hotpot if you’ve ever had the pleasure of trying it.

If you are in an establishment called malatang, you can select the level of spice you’d prefer – there is no spice in bulk and will is spicy, and tela can be extremely spicy. The most recommended ingredients are the bok choy and spinach lotus root, sweet potato tofu, broccoli the cruciferous vegetables, and eggs of quails.

8. Bitter Egg and Melon

Let us begin by saying that this dish isn’t suitable for anyone! Bitter melon is an acquired taste that you’ll likely be a fan or a hater of. Bitter melon, also known as a gourd, is a crunchy green plant with a bitter aftertaste. It’s extremely nutritious and cool and refreshing, making it perfect to be eaten with spicy food. The best way to enjoy it is when it is cooked with eggs, so the mildly soft and salty scrambled egg is a perfect match for the crunchy and bitter vegetable.

If you’re not a fan of that you could also consider the traditional homestyle meal that can be found on every restaurant menu in China such as fried eggs and tomato. Other variations include fried eggs and cucumber.

9. Oil Noodles

There are numerous vegetarian noodles from all over China that you can sample and this one is from Shaanxi province, where Xi’an is the capital. The noodles are made freshly made from dough that has been wrapped and cut into long strips. After the noodles are cooked, they are then topped with oil, bok choy, vinegar, and a little seasoning, after that you can mix everything together when it reaches your table.

There are different variations on this recipe that may contain meat, so ensure you ask your server to select the vegetarian version. Another delicious vegetarian noodle dish includes eggs and tomatoes that have been fried and served with eggs as well as tomatoes on the top, so you mix it all together or served it in a broth.

10. Dry Fried Beans

Although the dish originated in Sichuan it is available in restaurants throughout China. It is best to ask for a vegetarian version or else it’ll be served with ground pork. This dish is made up of slightly spicy and salty long-cooked beans that are expected to keep their crunch and deliciousness. It’s a popular choice with all who visit China and is willing to try it.

11. Garlic Broccoli

Broccoli is extremely well-known in China It is delicious and healthy. One well-known Chinese recipe is mixing garlic and broccoli it is an excellent choice for vegetarians.

12. Hot Pot

Hot pot is among the most popular dishes in China It can be available all over the world. The most popular places to taste the hotpot are Chengdu as well as Chongqing.

Famous for its spicy and hot flavor. If it’s not your preference, a more moderate option is to opt for a mandarin duck hot pot that is a half-spicy soup, half mild. The pot is divided.

Soups are diverse. Some include meat gravy, and others are suitable for vegetarians and are based on vegetable oil. With glass noodles, bok choy potato, mushrooms lotus root broccoli, and lots of other choices, a hot pot could be the ideal vegetarian meal.

13. Vegetable Dumplings

Dumplings are a popular dish in the northern part of China. Anyone who visits China should try their dumplings to experience the authentic flavor of the country. They are usually made of wheat flour dough, wrapped in meat vegetables, fruits as well as salt sesame oil but there are also many vegetarian choices. Don’t forget dumplings stuffed with eggs Chinese carrots and chives that are served at many eateries and are a delicious treat.

14. Toffee Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes with toffee are a popular dish in Shandong province. You can however discover it throughout China. It is a simple dish that is unique for foreigners as it is made of sugar, sweet potato as well as vegetable oils.

The dish is served along with a bowl of water since melting sugar on the potato may cause mouth burn. Dip the sweet potato coated with toffee into it to create the sugar coating crispily. If you have an appetite for sweets, this dish is served as an appetizer or dessert, however, it will typically be served with other dishes as a main course.


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